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KREA Digital Media Textiles Solution ♦ Digital Home Textiles ♦ Krea Protective Textiles ♦ Technical Accessories
With the Digital Home Textiles, we have developed a range for custom made digitally printable textiles. This includes towels, terry fabrics, various carpets, doormats, fabrics for pillows/curtains/curtains, pillow fillings, roller blind textiles and much more.

Do you need special dimensions or do not have a sewing room? Our in-house sewing shop also manufacture order-related special dimensions and custom-made products. Just contact us!

ArticleArtikel NameMaterialFarbeData sheet
1075-11Voile100% PESweiß>>
2018-11Soundless Tissue100% PESweiß>>
3003-11Tafetta 55100% PESweiß>>
4000-10Towel Printtex50% Cot. 50% PESweiß>>
4039-10Cotton Optic pre-washed100% PESweiß>>
4039-77Cotton Optic Lotus antiviral100% PESweiß>>
7070-93Event Fleece PP70100% PESweiß
8033-10Krea Fleece Blanket Heavy100% PESweiß>>
8038-10Krea Fleece Blanket100% PESweiß>>
2019-10Kreana100% Polyesterweiß>>
2020-10Kreana Blockout100% Polyesterweiß>>
2021-10Krea Screen100% Polyesterweiß>>
4004-10Krea Clothes Jersey100% Polyesterweiß>>
4005-10Krea Sport Clothes Jersey100% Polyesterweiß>>
4012-10Towel Premium Velour50% Cot. 50% PESweiß>>
7100-10Event Fleece PES300100% Polyesterweiß>>
4012-10Towel Premium Velour50% Cot. 50% PESweiß>>
8032-26Krea Cozy Fringed Blanket50% PES/50% Acrylweiß
4000-28Towel Printtex50%CO/50%PESweiß
4001-10Krea Velvet100% Polyesternaturweiß>>
4020-28-LadySauna Towel50%CO/50%PESweiß
4020-35-LadySauna Towel Premium Velour50%CO/50%PESweiß
4021-28-ManSauna Towel50%CO/50%PESweiß
4021-35-ManSauna Towel Premium Velour50%CO/50%PESweiß
4025-28-LadyBath Robe50%CO/50%PESweiß
4025-35-LadyBath Robe Premium Velour50%CO/50%PESweiß
4026-28-ManBath Robe50%CO/50%PESweiß
4026-35-ManBath Robe Premium Velour50%CO/50%PESweiß
4027-28-ChildBath Robe50%CO/50%PESweiß
4027-35-ChildBath Robe Premium Velour50%CO/50%PESweiß
4040-33Cotton Fabric100% Cottonnaturweiß>>
8000-10Krea PillowPES/CO – PESweiß
8080-10Krea Premium CarpetPES/PVC antislipnaturweiß>>
8080-10 roundKrea Premium CarpetPES/PVC antislipnaturweiß>>
8080-10 squareKrea Premium CarpetPES/PVC antislipnaturweiß>>
8082-10 squareKrea Premium Carpet ECOLINE75%Cotton/25%PESnaturweiß>>
8082-10 roundKrea Premium Carpet ECOLINE75%Cotton/25%PESnaturweiß>>
8082-10Krea Premium Carpet ECOLINE75%Cotton/25%PESnaturweiß>>
9500-28Deckchair P02/W – ohne BezugBuchenholzbuche
9500-29Deckchair P02-1071 – mit BezugBuchenholz/PESbuche
9600-95Roller Blind MechanismAluminiumalu
7105-11Fleece Carpet 900 FRPES/SB-Kautschukweiß>>
7106-11Fleece Carpet 1200 FRPES/SB-Kautschukweiß>>