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Our carbon footprint
In 2017, we made it possible for all of our employees to work from their home offices if possible, aware that every unnecessary kilometre driven is one too many.

Our existing technical equipment has been reviewed to minimize energy consumption. Energy efficiency is a decisive factor in our new acquisitions. Among other things, our IT has been consistently equipped with energy-saving hardware as part of the process of continuously optimizing our energy consumption.

We attach great importance to sensitizing our employees to the topic of energy efficiency.
Naturally solvent-free - good for the environment
Solvents pollute the environment. They are harmful to the environment or even poisonous.

All chemicals we use are water-based and therefore solvent-free, PVC-free and REACH-compliant. A building block for a greener, better environment.
Economy meets Ecology
Aware of our responsibility towards our environment, our actions are guided by ecological principles. We regard resources as the basis of life for all future generations. Therefore, it is only logical for us to practice a responsible use of resources.

It goes without saying that we comply with current environmental legislation and strive in our daily processes to improve the legal requirements even further.